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The word INSPIRIT means rebirth. To infuse life or spirit, encourage, invigorate or strengthen.
This forms part of our core beliefs and passion when engaging with our clients.

We are a South African based organisation with a global footprint. At Inspirit we have experience that spans over decades within business process solutions driving automation and optimization. We have developed solutions to enhance your business processes to make them more effective and as a result make your business more profitable.

We have partnered with Africa’s largest ICT Company EOH giving us access to a broad range of tools and resources to empower your business. At Inspirit, we’ll help create a product/solution that is easily accessible for small to medium organizations, not just blue chip companies.

We allow you to leverage the power of data without fearing the exorbitant costs that might be linked with these products and services.



We Make Debtor tracing simple
Agent of a Credit Bureau<
Our data solution is current with monthly updates.
World Class technology used to assemble multiple data points to provide a single view of a person
Search individual & company records
And best of all - its affordable


Inspirit’s data solutions division – Inspirit Data Analytics Services (IDAS) will enhance your existing organizational operations by delivering business intelligence and analytical solutions. Powered by XDS a Credit Information Bureau and one of the major suppliers of business and consumer credit data in the SA market.
We are Protection of Personal Information (POPI) focused and guarantee data services that are accurate, updated and secure.

Inspirit Data Analytics Services provides insights to companies and assists in unlocking their unknown potential or hidden opportunities. by delivering top quality, business intelligence and analytic solutions under one umbrella. We believe in no more guesswork and only actionable insights’ because effective analytics starts with trusted data. Our core solutions in data analytics help our clients turn data-driven. This in turn aids the organization to use data to make better decisions by giving them access to the data when they require it.

We also understand that the word ‘Data’ scares companies because of the complexity associated with it, the cost per record and the data compliance (POPI). If you’re using your data to drive your business innovation, then there’s no room for error. Data quality starts with compact data governance. It must be well organized, accurate, relevant and understandable. With IDAS- we believe that Data can empower everyone by creating a Data as a Service model i.e. pay for what you need.

There is no other brand in the South African market that leverages the power of EOH, is partnered with a reputable Credit Bureau, & has a holistic range of products and services. In addition, we have a dedicated software development and business intelligence team that support to the products and services we offer.

We connect people with data effectively to empower their business.


To be the most accessible centralised data warehouse, that empowers people, companies & enterprises.


Data solutions for the masses by providing knowledge that EMPOWERS you

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